How do I install software?

Installing software requires having administrative rights on your computer. Users do not have administrative rights by default so typically it requires IT to manually install the software on your computer.

We have developed a software portal that can be used to select from popular and updated software titles and have them downloaded and installed on your computer without requiring the assistance of IT.

To access the portal:

1) On your computer click Start and type "Desktop Manager" in the search box and click on the selection that is highlighted.

2) Click the Software Deployment Portal button.

3) This will display a list of available software. Note: You may have to click the Refresh button in the lower left to update the list

4) Check the boxes of the software you want (you can select multiple) and then click Deploy. Pay attention to the Description column as it may include special notes about the installation.

5) This will initiate the download of the software package and then prompt you once more to deploy or cancel. If an option is not selected within 60 seconds it automatically starts the install.

Pay attention during the install as some software may require you for input or to click on buttons. Once the install is completed the status will change to reflect it.

The list will be updated on a regular basis and if you believe that software should be added to the list please send a email to with the request.

The list is only available on a per computer basis at this point. If you do not see a list generated within the Software Deployment Portal after clicking the Refresh button please email and we will troubleshoot.

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